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          With A Level results that are consistently the best in the area, and with ever-increasing numbers of students successfully applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities, our track record in helping students reach their potential is clear to see. However, it is not just academic excellence that forms the foundation of our 365bet体育: we are determined to help our students develop into well-rounded, moral, and fulfilled individuals, whose contributions to society go far beyond the academic. In order to achieve this, we provide some of the best pastoral care in the area, with a dedicated team of staff on hand to support our students, not only with their studies, but with their emotional and personal development as well. Indeed, our Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing programmes are something that we are particularly proud of, with a wide range of activities from primary school volunteering, social sport, and yoga and mindfulness, to Extended Project Qualification and Duke of Edinburgh.



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